How do you arrive at an agreement mediated by fairsöhnlich?

I sit down with both partners and ensure a businesslike meeting atmosphere, including fair interpersonal behaviour. Each of the parties may describe their views in-depth, while the other listens without interrupting. This is especially difficult when we feel annoyed by the person vis-à-vis.

That is why I make very sure that everyone gets equally much room. I do not evaluate or judge and I also do not make any decisions for you. What you would like to talk to one another about is decided by you. All of the information that I receive is handled in strictest confidentiality with regard to third parties.

At the start, the fronts are usually still rather hard. After all, when you feel you are in your rights, you certainly do not want to back down. I will help you gain an insight, about why your viewpoint is so important to you. When you say this to the other person, the reaction will often be: “I did not really know that” or “I haven’t looked at it this way”. If your understanding for one another grows, then you may be surprised to suddenly find out that your interests are not that far apart from one another, namely that you can agree to a solution that is of benefit to both sides.