Iris Ollech
Mediator, journalist, Diplom-Pädagogin (accredited educator)


Besides being a mediator, I am also a journalist and an accredited educator. Many of my colleagues in mediation are active in several different professions. Since mediation is applicable to many different areas of life, it is very advantageous when experts from different base professions can contribute their personal know-how and skills.

I view my original careers as a journalist and teacher as an excellent foundation, for supporting you competently in the solution of your conflict.

As a journalist I have learned to get to the bottom of things, and I reflect the views of the different parties without any prejudice. Confidential information is handled by me with utmost discretion. As expert in educational sciences I can enhance your capacities to find your way out of your deadlock.. As a mediator, I act as a fair and confidential third party in supporting you.